iVangeli Sunday School Training Workshops

Think about the passion that made you sign up to teach Sunday School or the children at your church…
Has that passion or zeal waned just a little bit? Feeling tired from being “always’ with the children? Not sure how to keep the children’s church upbeat, exciting with real relationship with the Lord going? You are not signing up next year? Can’t stand “those” parents anymore?
That’s why we are here. To give you the tools to help you make things happen.

Our Goal

We have a mandate to “tell the next generation of all God’s mighty miracles.” This Workshop is open to all involved in Sunday school work, as well as those interested in becoming teachers.
We pray that this Workshop will equip Sunday Schools all over Africa to be effective in that task.

What you will gain

A renewed passion, drive and excitement to lead children in a lasting relationship with Jesus.
Insight into how to make spiritual matters the focus using fun as a tool.
Meet new people and know you are not alone.
Learn to let loose the creativity God has planted within you.
Become a fired up Sunday school again (again for always)

What you learn when you walk away:

  • Age-level Characteristics
  •  Learning Styles
  • Building Relationships
  • Discipline
  • Teacher’s Role and Preparation
  • Involving the Parents
  • Storytelling
  • Visual Aids

How long are the workshops?

Our workshops are from 8.30am – 3pm.
You won’t notice the time has flown by when it’s over. This full day workshop is highly engaging with small group discussions, practical sessions and hands-on activities.

Your added advantage:

You will receive an enriching workshop session from experienced facilitators who love God and children with access to the facilitator for further help after the workshop.

Are we willing to travel?

Yes, we are available to train all over Africa.

What is included in the workshops?

  • Workshop Manual
  • Refreshments
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Branded Notepads

Where do the workshops take place?

We have scheduled workshops in most of the provinces in South Africa as well as on – site trainings on our properties. Churches can book us to come to them.

What does it cost?

R250 per delegate at our onsite venue.

Church bookings are a minimum of R4000 and may incur additional costs for travel, and accommodation for the facilitator.  Please contact us for more information.

Hosting at your church


  • Need focused sessions on the requirements of your children’s church
  • The comfort of your familiar environment
  • No need for you to travel
  • Opportunity to involve other people in your congregation, youth, parents and participation of churches in your area and network.

Our on-site training


  • No need for planning workshop logistics. Just show up and start up.
  • Opportunity to meet people outside your network.
  • Rich engagement with delegates from others churches and ministries.

Building Blocks Workshop

Building Blocks, Class of January 2019

To make bookings and reservations

Contact Jane:
admin@ivangeli.org / +27 11 450 0307

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What People Say

“The conference was awesome. Thank you to the organizers and speakers. Looking forward to REFRESH 2020. “

Cynthia Govender

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