Steven James – Old Testament 30 Interactive Stories for Young Children


Young children love to move, play and wiggle – it’s how they pay attention!
Young children love to pretend and use their imaginations.
Young children can’t sit still for long, and they are easily distracted.
Young children would rather hear a story told than explained. Young children present special challenges for the storyteller!

Steven James helps you communicate the stories of the Bible in ways that are perfect for young children. Every story is interactive to help you engage all the children in your class.

Bible stories for young children should include sound effects, gestures and actions, refrains and rhymes, movement and imagination!



Each chapter includes:

  • Background information on the Bible story
  • A few short notes about what to look for or avoid in the story, and
  • Two creative ways to tell the story using sounds, objects, actions or repetition!


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