Steven James – Bible Story Quick Skits for 2 Kids


Kids love stories. And they especially love listening to stories when they’re told in a humorous, lively, and engaging manner. This book was designed to help you do just that!

Each kid-friendly skit retells a Bible story in a fun and creative way using only two students. The scripts are super-easy to use and less intimidating for kids because there aren’t any lines to memorise!

Choose your story, photocopy the scripts, hand them out to your students and you have an instant lesson.



Check out the four types of QuickSkits included in this book:

  • Tandem storytelling (two storytellers alternate lines as they tell a story)
  • Storymime (one person tells the story, the other acts it out)
  • Interview (one person interviews an eyewitness to the story)
  • Sports Announcer (both readers report as if watching the story live)


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