Senior Teacher Guide (Grades 7-9) Year B Book [PRINTED COPY]


“Impilo” means “life”. As you connect deeply with teenagers and the issues they face in daily life, you can offer them true life through the words of Scripture.

This book contains:

  • 30 Lessons with Reproducible Student Activity Pages included.
  • Student and Youth Leader Articles relevant to teaching thirteen, fourteen and fifteen year olds.

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Teacher guides are not reproducible. Student Activity pages within this book are reproducible.

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Each of the 30 lessons are structured to:

  • Moving In

Helps the students focus on the theme of the lesson with active learning activities.

  • Moving Up

Enables the students to look up to God by relating the words of scripture to the session topic.

  • Moving On

Students look inward and discover how God’s Word connects with their own world through mind-stretching questions.

  • Moving Out

The final step leads students into the world with challenges to apply to their own life situation.

Other Important Components

  • Bible Bonus Notes:  Extra information about the historical or cultural context of the Scripture passage
  • Youth Leader Tips
  • Devotions in Motion: Take home devotion for reflection during the week.
  • How Can I Get To Know Jesus: A simple outline you can use to make sure your students understand how they can get to know Jesus.


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