Primary Teacher Guide (Grades 1-3) Year B Book [DIGITAL COPY]


iVangeli Curriculum is committed to giving you a complete lesson plan as well as opportunities to build relationships with your children – relationships that will lead your children to know and love Jesus Christ

Each class is unique in terms of size, combination of ages and genders, tendencies towards activity or quiet; and the kinds of activities preferred. Every class session also has its own time, supplies and space limits. You will be able to customise each lesson to suit your situation.

This book contains:

  • 34 Lessons.
  • Teacher Articles relevant to teaching seven, eight and nine year olds.
  • Guide of items you can use in your lesson
  • Student Activity Pages that correlate with this book are available separately

Please note the copyright laws on our books. You can only use a book/download per user. It is not to be circulated among multiple users. Kindly adhere to this.

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Each of the 34 lessons are structured to:

  • Discover

Discover activities help build relationships among children and start them thinking about the topic of the day. The Discover activities vary between Life Connection and Memory Verse activities.

  • Study

The goal of each study segment is to guide children to read, study and understand the Bible for themselves. Each Bible story includes time for children to develop hands-on use of their Bibles.

  • Apply

Two apply options help your children explore the relationship between the Bible truth they have been studying and their day-to-day experiences.


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