Junior Student Activity Pages (Grades 4-6) Year C Book [DIGITAL COPY]


The iNyaniso Student Activity Pages are designed to reinforce your Bible teaching and teaching and help the children translate learning into action.  In addition, the iNyaniso Student Activity Pages are a tool to be used by parents to extend Bible learning into the home.

This book contains:

  • 34 Reproducible Student Activity Pages which correspond with the Lessons in the Junior Teacher Guide.


Keep children involved with iNyaniso! Using games, art, storytelling, science activities and more – teachers will help this lively group apply what they’ve learned by obeying God’s Word, trusting Jesus as their Savior and telling others about Him.

iNyaniso Offers:

  • Kid-appealing learning activities
  • Easy-to-understand life application questions to connect Bible truth to everyday situations
  • Weekly Bible readings that instill the habit of personal growth

Get the Student Activity Pages in Your Language!

  • Afrikaans
    Primêre Leerling Werksblaaie
  • isiXhosa
    Primary Amaphepha Abafundi
  • isiZulu
    Primary Amakhasi Abafundi

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