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Leading a Child to Christ

One of the greatest privileges of serving in Children’s Ministry is to help children become members of God’s family.  Some children, especially those from Christian homes, may be ready to believe in Jesus Christ as their Saviour earlier than others. Ask God to prepare the children in your class to receive the good news about Jesus and to prepare you to communicate effectively with them

Talk individually with children.  Something as important as a child’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ can be handled fore effectively one-to one than in a group.  A child needs to respond individually to the call of God’s love.  This response needs to be a genuine response to God – not because the child wants to please peers, parents or you, the teacher.

Follow these basic steps in talking simply about how to become a member of God’s family. Show the child what God says in His word.  Ask the questions suggested to encourage thinking and comprehending.

God wants you to become His child. See John 1:12.  Do you know why God wants you in His family? See 1 John 4:8

You and all the people in the world have done wrong things. See Romans 6:23.  The Bible word for dong wrong is sin.  What do you think should happen to us when we sin? See Romans 6:23

God loves you so much He sent His Son to die on the cross for your sins.  Because Jesus never sinned, He is the only one who can take that punishment for your sins. See 1 Corinthians 15:3, 1 John 4:14. The Bible tells us that God raised Jesus from the dead and that He is alive forever.

Are you sorry for your sins? Do you believe Jesus died to be your Saviour?  If you do believe and you are sorry for your sins, God forgives all your sins. See 1 John 1:9.  When you talk to God, tell Him that you are sorry for your sins.  Tell Him that he is a great and wonderful God.  It is easy to talk to God.  He is ready to listen.  What you are going to tell him is something he has been waiting to hear.

The Bible says that when you believe in Jesus, God’s Son, you receive God’s gift of eternal life.  This gift makes you a child of God.  This means God is with you now and forever.  See John 3:16

Give your minister the names of those who have accepted Jesus as their Saviour.  Encourage the child to tell his or her family about their response to Christ’s way of salvation.  Children who accept Jesus as Saviour need follow-up to help them grow in Christ.

NOTE:  The Bible uses many terms and images to express the concept of salvation.  Children often do not understand or may develop misconceptions about these terms, especially daily terms that are highly symbolic. (Remember the trouble Nicodemus, a respected teacher had in trying to understand the meaning of being “born again”?)  Many people talk with children about “asking Jesus into your heart.”  The literal-minded child is likely to develop strange ideas from the imagery of those words.  The idea of being a child of God is perhaps the simplest portrayal the New Testament provides.

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