iVangeli Curriculum now has Bible Knowledge Exams for our curriculum. All questions are based on work covered in the Teachers Guides.

This is your tool to assess and change your ministry and children’s lives.

Benefit of writing the exams:

You will be able to monitor the Bible knowledge of the children.

  • Do they understand the lesson?
  • Do they know memory verses?
  • Are they able to apply the lesson to their lives?

You will be able to see if the teachers are able to impart the lesson to the children and correct any problems.

  • Is the lesson boring?
  • Has the teacher understood and prepared well?
  • Does the teacher need assistance and training?

If a child does not pass or meet you expectations, there may be a reason.

  • Is the child attending regularly?
  • Is the child disruptive and inattentive?
  • Are there problems at home?
  • Is there any way the church can help the child or family?

1. The Examination will be set for:

  • Primary (Grades 1 – 3, Ages 7 – 9)
  • Junior (Grades 4 – 6, Ages 10 – 12)
  • Senior (Grades 7 – 9, Ages 13 – 15)
  • Preschoolers will not be tested.

2. The exams are separated into 2 parts and can be written in the middle of the year and towards the end of the year. You can also only write once a year in you prefer.

  • Lessons 1-17
  • Lessons 18-34

3. The Cost per student is R10 per set of exams with an additional cost of R100 for postage which includes exams, certificates and badges.

4. Students who pass will receive a certificate and a badge posted to their church.

5. The papers will be marked and passed according to the following conditions.

  • Under 40% will receive a certificate for participation.
  • 40% is a pass. These children will receive a certificate and badge for their specific grade.
  • 80% and over is a pass with distinction. These children will receive a certificate, a pass badge for their specific grade and a yellow badge of distinction.

Please contact us if you would like to enter the exams or if you would like more information

Bible Exams Enquiry

What People Say

“Dear Ivangeli
Thank you so much for making Sunday school exams available for the curriculum that the children have covered.  Our children have really been motivated to learn the Word of God through the process. The exams could put some of our adults Bible knowledge to the rest☺”

Elaine Mpunga
Winning Souls Ministries

Our Curriculum