iVangeli Sunday School Curriculums

iVangeli was developed especially for South African children to meet them at the level they are and with the situations and circumstances that they are familiar with.

We offer Preschool, Primary, Junior and Senior curriculums for 12 years of solid Bible based lessons . Each age group has a three year cycle: Year A, Year B and Year C. Each unit of lessons (usually four or five lessons) work together to build a block of knowledge, and these units are then organized in age-appropriate groupings that lead children to build their knowledge of Bible truth and to deepen their understanding of the application of that truth as they move through each age group.

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Cruise Level Workshop

Cruise level workshop is a module two workshop designed to help and equip struggling or stable children’s ministry.

There is always room for growth. It was developed from the needs expressed by Sunday school teachers and children ministry workers.

 Over the years, through various interactions with the Sunday school teachers, families, children pastors and churches;

we find a common thread of challenges irrespective of the size or geographical location of the children’s ministries. 

What you will gain:

  • A renewed zest and zeal to carry on to greater heights.
  • Loads of interactions and ideas with the participants from various backgrounds.
  • Practical sessions to enable you move your ministry further.
  • Real issues and real resolutions that will directly impact your children’s ministry.


What you will learn:

  • Goals versus Plans
  • Keeping the Children Coming back
  • Recruiting With Ease
  • Partnering with the Home
  • Discipline that Disciples
  • Practical Session
  • Visionary Planning for Your Children’s Ministry

Read more about us, or view our curriculum.

Our Curriculum

Our entire curriculum is available in traditional hardcover books, as well as softcover which can downloaded and printed.

Please note the copyright laws on our books. You can only use a book/download per user. It is not to be circulated among multiple users. Kindly adhere to this.

Sunday School Training Workshops

Our workshops are interactive and fun, and guaranteed to give you the knowledge to be an effective, caring Sunday School Teacher. Available throughout South Africa.

Steven James Books

Steven James books provide you with the tools to bring the Bible to life. Great for “All Age Worship, Family Services and Outreach Messages”. 

Steven James is a professional storyteller, award-winning author, and popular conference speaker. He is the author of numerous books with Standard Publishing including The Creative Storytelling Guide for Children’s Ministry24 Tandem Bible Hero Story Scripts for Children’s Ministry30 New Testament Quick Skits for Kids, New Testament Interaction, Old Testament Interaction, Parables Sharables, Crazy and Creative , Quick Skit to Bible Stories, Bible Fun Stuff and Sharable Parables.