Year A
Unit 1. God made the world
Unit 2 .Noah builds a big boat
Unit 3. Abraham, Isaac obey God
Unit 4. Jesus is alive!
Unit 5. God helps Peter and Paul
Unit 6. God’s people travel
Unit 7. Samuel listens to God
Unit 8. Christmas
Year B
Unit 1. Jesus teaches me to show love
Unit 2 .Jesus’ teachings and miracles
Unit 3. Jesus dies and lives again
Unit 4. Jesus‘ friends show love
Unit 5. Loving my family
Unit 6. David helps others
Unit 7. Loving others
Unit 8. Jesus’ birth
Year C (Available Lessons)
Unit 1. John tells good news
Unit 2 .Jesus’ stories
Unit 3. Jesus shows God‘s love
Unit 4. Paul tells the good news
Unit 5. Joseph depends on God
Unit 6. Elijah and Elisha see God’s love
Unit 7. Joshua, Deborah, Joash trust God
Unit 8. Loving God!
Year A
Unit 1. God and me
Unit 2 .My actions are important
Unit 3. Me and my family
Unit 4.Jesus is my friend
Unit 5. I am glad Jesus is alive
Unit 6. God helps me
Unit 7. Learning about God
Unit 8. God’s good plans
Year B
Unit 1. Kindness counts!
Unit 2 .Becoming a member of God’s family
Unit 3. Getting along with others
Unit 4. Jesus is alive!
Unit 5. Trust and obey God
Unit 6. Child of the King
Unit 7. Wise ways to live
Unit 8. Jesus is born
Year C (Available Lessons)
Unit 1. Jesus tells parables
Unit 2 .My guide to giving
Unit 3. Who loves me?
Unit 4. What the Bible is all about
Unit 5. My Church family
Unit 6. Living what I believe
Unit 7. Getting the big picture of prayer
Unit 8. Making smart choices!
Year A
Unit 1. In the beginning
Unit 2 . Abraham believes God
Unit 3. Beginning of a nation
Unit 4. Learn from Jesus
Unit 5. Follow the living Jesus
Unit 6. Moses leads the Israelites
Unit 7. The Israelites travel in desert
Unit 8. The promised Saviour
Year B
Unit 1. Walk with Jesus (1)
Unit 2 .Walk with Jesus (2)
Unit 3. Walk with Jesus (3)
Unit 4. Elijah depends on God
Unit 5. Elisha shows God’s love
Unit 6. Paul believes in Jesus
Unit 7. Paul’s journeys
Unit 8. Celebrate the birth of the Saviour
Year C (Available Lessons)
Unit 1. Jesus’ parables
Unit 2 .Jesus cares for all people
Unit 3. Jesus’ miracles
Unit 4. Jesus is God’s Son
Unit 5. Journey with Joshua (1)
Unit 6. Journey with Joshua (2)
Unit 7. Journey with Joshua (3)
Unit 8. Daniel and Esther obey God
Year A
Christianity the Basics: The Facts About the Real God
Christianity the Basics: The Facts About the Real Us
Prayer: Big Truths About Prayer
Prayer: Big Questions About Prayer
Friends: Friendship Builders
Friends: Friendship Wreckers
Teachings of Jesus: Vertical: Our Relationship With God
Teachings of Jesus: Horizontal: Our Relationship With Others
Teens of the Bible: Outrageous OT Teens
Teens of the Bible: Notable NT Teens
Year B
Followers of Jesus: Faith’s Attitudes
Followers of Jesus: Faith’s Actions
Life at School: Zooming in on You
Life at School: Zooming in on Everyone Else
Home and Family: Our Earthly Families
Home and Family: Our Heavenly Father
Genesis: The Very Beginning
Genesis: More Beginnings
Feelings and Emotions: Things that Make Us Feel Good
Feelings and Emotions: Things that Challenge Us
Year C (Available Lessons)
Miracles of Jesus: God Has the Starring Role
Miracles of Jesus: You Have a Part, Too
Peer Pressure: Outrageous Truths From the OT
Peer Pressure: New Insights from the NT
Fruit of the Spirit: Fruit for Ourselves
Fruit of the Spirit: Fruit for Others
Reaching Your World: In Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria
Reaching Your World: To the Ends of the Earth
Love, Sex and Dating: The Dating Scene
Love, Sex and Dating: God’s Plan for Love