Bible Story Coloring Pages .  Reproducible  

Now Your Kids can Color Their Way Through the Bible.You can begin teaching children the importance of God’s Word with these handy, reproducible colouring pages illustrating milestone events from the Bible – from the creation of the world in Genesis through the Acts of the Apostles and their New Testament letters. This teaching resource keeps little hands busy, while turning little hearts and minds toward the inspired Word of God.

Easy-to-read Bible story on the back of each picture.




GLBibleStoryFunGospel Light’s Big Book of Bible Story Fun (Ages 6-12) Reproducible

Over 100 Interactive Bible stories, Engaging Storytelling Techniques and Creative Activities to keep kids involved

This book was designed to give you creative ways to hold your student’s attention.  They’ll learn and understand Bible stories in a fresh way as they become personally involved by using sign language, drawing sketches and sculpting play dough. Step-by – step instructions, options for older students and indexes fro Scripture, storytelling techniques and topics are included.



Bible Fun Stuff for Ages 3-5 Ooze & Awes in God’s Creation

26 creative activities to engage children with meaningful and exciting science explorations! This book is loaded with innovative ideas, as well as Scripture references and teacher tips.  This handy resource fits well with any curriculum or can be used for stand alone activities.

Rocks, water, animals. The world id filled with exciting new experiences for pre-schoolers to see, hear, taste, smell and touch. Natural curiosity makes them eager to explore everything in God’s magnificent creation from their own bodies to the weather to the animal kingdom. And while they’re having fun with these simple, age-appropriate projects, they’re absorbing biblical truth; the God who loves them also created this awesome universe!



Bible Fun Stuff for Ages 2-5 100’s of Songs, Games and More!

Fun and Memorable Activities to Enrich Your Lessons!

Provides ready to use additions that engage your children’s hands, minds, and bodies so that your Bible stories and lessons involve them in the ways they learn best.  Kids will love the activities and you’ll love leading them.


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