iVangeli Curriculum now has Bible Knowledge Exams for our curriculum. All questions are based on work covered in the Teachers Guides.


1. The Examination will be set for:

• Primary Students Grade 1 – 3
• Junior Students Grade 4 – 6
• Senior Grade 7 – 9

(Preschoolers will not be tested.)

2. The exams are separated into 2 parts and can be written in the middle of the year and towards the end of the year. You can also only write once a year in you prefer.

• Lessons 1-17
• Lessons 18-34

3. The Cost per student is R5 per set of exams with an additional cost of R100 for postage which includes exams, certificates and badges.


4. Students who pass will receive a certificate and a badge posted to their church.


5. The papers will be marked and passed according to the following conditions.

• Under 40% will receive a certificate for participation.
• 40% is a pass. These children will receive a certificate and badge for their specific grade.
• 80% and over is a pass with distinction. These children will receive a certificate, a pass badge for their specific grade and a yellow badge of distinction.

Please contact us if you would like to enter the exams or if you would like more information